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International student and scholar mobility: multiple political and economic challenges

Higher education institutions are now part of a globalised market and must adapt to exist. The number of internationally mobile students in the world has doubled in the last ten years and now exceeds 4 million. According to estimates, there will be 8 million by 2025.

In this context, international attractiveness enables higher education institutions to be among the most prestigious in the world, to appear in international rankings, most of which evaluate internationality, and more generally to promote the economic growth of host countries. The link between a country’s academic attractiveness and its economic growth no longer leaves any room for doubt. The most economically competitive countries are also those that attract the most international students, researchers and professors. France is the 4th largest host country for international students after the United States, Great Britain and Australia, and the 1st non-English speaking host country. The student population in France has reach 2,969,000 in 2022. The number of international students enrolled in France has been rising steadily, increasing by 8% in 2021-22 and now exceeds 400,000.

In this race for international attractiveness, in addition to the quality of teaching and the prestige of the degrees awarded, other considerations come into play, such as the quality of life and the welcoming conditions for mobile students. This is why the Cité internationale, together with AEF Info, wanted to create a debate on the major challenges facing higher education.

A recognised expertise

Because mobility is a skills accelerator, diversity promotes scientific progress and the quality of residence is an asset for higher education establishments, the Cité internationale aims to be an incubator for best practices in terms of wecoming and accompanying students and researchers. For nearly 20 years, with the support of the City of Paris and the Île-de-France Region, it has been developing tailor-made welcoming services to deal with all issues related to the mobility and integration of international students and researchers, whether or not they are resident on campus.

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The Cité internationale is a strong asset for the attractiveness of our region. The quality of the welcoming processes and support for international students and researchers are the key to this success.

Valérie Pécresse, president of the Île-de-France Region

An annual event

Mamob #1
2019: a morning of exchanges on international mobility

The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris and AEF Info, in partnership with TV5 Monde, organised on 18 October 2019 the 1st edition of their annual event to rethink international mobility.

Mamob #2
2020: a webinar on international mobility and the health crisis

The Cité internationale and AEF info organised on 8 October 2020 the 2nd edition of their annual event to rethink international mobility on the theme “What impact had the health crisis on international mobility?

Mamob #3
2021: a garden party on international mobility and crises

The Cité internationale and AEF info organised on 31 August 2021 the third edition of their annual garden party to rethink international mobility on the theme “Covid crisis, climate crisis, political crises: how to rethink international mobility for the next decade”?

Mamob #4
2022: a garden party on financing and strategic choices

The Cité internationale and AEF info organised on 12 July 2022 the 4th edition of their annual garden party to rethink international mobility on the theme “Funding: how to make higher education and research a strategic choice for France”?

acc&ss Paris Île-de-France: supporting the international mobility of students and researchers

acc&ss Paris Île-de-France will help you prepare for your stay and with the formalities involved in settling in (visas, residence permits, employment law, health insurance). You can call on our multilingual team at any time, both before your arrival and during your stay.

Hospitality is a strength: an award-winning communication campaign

This campaign on mobility was chosen among the best digital campaigns of 2019 by Canevet & Associés.