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An open-air architectural exhibition

Regional, classic, modern or sustainable, the Cité internationale’s 43 houses offer a diversity of styles that are unique to Paris. The renowned architects that have contributed to the realisation of certain houses (Le Corbusier, Claude Parent, Willem Marinus Dudok, etc.) have made it a major architectural point in Paris today. Five of them are classed or listed as historical monuments.


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The houses classed as
historical monuments

The Maison du Brésil is listed as a historical monument

Designed by Lucio Costa and Le Corbusier and inaugurated in 1959, the Maison du Brésil was listed as a historical monument on the 4th of November 2011.

The Fondation des Etats-Unis is listed as a historical monument

The Fondation des Etats-Unis’s large lounge, as well as its decor, were classed as historical monuments on the 10th of September 2009. The Fondation, designed by Pierre Le Prince-Ringuet, was inaugurated in 1930.

The Fondation Avicenne is listed as a historical monument

The Fondation Avicenne was designed by Claude Parent, André Bloc, Mossem Foroughi and Hedar Cghiain and inaugurated in 1969 and listed as a historical monument on the 29th of October 2008 (building, footprint and landscape).

The Collège néerlandais is classified as a historical monument

The only creation of Willem Marinus Dudok in France, the Collège néerlandais, inaugurated in 1938, was classed as a historical monument on the 4th of March 2005.

The Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe is listed as a historical monument

The Fondation Emile et Louise Deutsch de la Meurthe, designed by Lucien Bechmann and inaugurated in 1925, was included as a historical monument on the 19th of May 1998: the entrance hall, the reception hall (the large lounge), the enclosure and the roofs of the 7 pavilions that make up the Fondation as well as the garden.

The Fondation suisse is classified as a historical monument

Designed by Le Corbusier in 1933, the Fondation Suisse was classed as a historical monument on the 16th of December 1986. Elements designed by Le Corbusier were also classed as such: the mural in the large lounge, a bench, 10 armchairs, the bench in the vestibule on the first floor and the bench on the staircase landing.

An unexpected artistic universe

Places of creation and exhibitions of 20th and 21st-century art, the Cité internationale’s houses have paintings, sculptures and tapestries showing that the campus has always been a big source of inspiration for artists from around the world. From Foujita to Jacobsen via Perriand, discover the masterpieces of famous painters, sculptors and designers.

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An exceptional landscape heritage

The Cité internationale’s park is the second in Paris. Covering 34 hectares, it was developed in the 1930s by Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier, then Léon Azéma in coordination with the campus architect, Lucien Bechmann. A green lung in the south of Paris, it promotes the preservation of rare flora and fauna in inner city Paris thanks to its ecological management methods.

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We want to reveal the ecological potential of the park and educate people about natural management.

Laura, gardener at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

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Discover an exceptional heritage

To find out more about the history of the Cité internationale, its architecture, houses and its development, visit the Heritage Center: a permanent exhibition, themed tours and innovative digital media will transport you through time and space to discover this exceptional place

City 2025: a historic development

The Cité internationale is currently undergoing historic development. By 2025, it will have 10 new houses, i.e. 1,800 additional homes, and will have modernised its infrastructures and services. Discover the project and the new architectural achievements.