For security reasons (Vigipirate plan), the entrances to 15 bis, 23 and 37 bd Jourdan and 7 rue Emile Faguet are currently closed. All other entrances remain open.
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Promoting mobility of the world’s youth and access to knowledge.

The Cité internationale promotes  mobility of young talents from all over the world by ensuring the well-being of the students and researchers it hosts and by providing them with optimal and serene study conditions. Everything is done so that they can exchange, blossom and give meaning to the world, by sharing common values of confidence in progress and by participating in the many cultural, artistic and scientific events on campus.

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Promoting solidarity and humanist values.

The Cité internationale engages in projects with collaborative values and connects residents from different backgrounds. It encourages cultural, intellectual and entrepreneurial initiatives that aim to give meaning to the world. Faithful to the values of its founders, it makes them radiate to the greatest number, on the one hand, by accompanying residents who need help to blossom and succeed and, on the other hand, by welcoming and developing open innovation and experimentation to build the world of tomorrow.

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Acting for a sustainable world.

Living in a sustainable world is a sine qua non of the sense that the Cité internationale wishes to make  of the world. This is why the Cité internationale enables the young talents it hosts, who are tomorrow’s decision-makers, to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. It helps to raise awareness of climate issues. Thanks to the concrete actions it carries out on campus, it acts for the ecological transition and reduces its carbon footprint.

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They talk about it

The Cité internationale is a cosmopolitan place like the world, open to the future and a unique opportunity to meet the talents of tomorrow.

Romain Maltrud, resident at the Collège franco-britannique

Committed and supportive residents

The residents of the Cité internationale take part in the organisation of the political, social and cultural life of the campus. Committed to major contemporary societal issues, they create collaborative projects and organise debates and events that punctuate campus life every year.

Support us

The Cité internationale universitaire de Paris was born from the generosity of major donors in 1925. Even today, the Cité internationale lives from the support of its donors and companies committed to making sense of the world and to enabling its residents to study in optimal conditions.