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Promoting solidarity and humanist values

The Cité internationale engages in projects with collaborative values and connects residents from different backgrounds. It encourages cultural, intellectual and entrepreneurial initiatives that aim to make sense of the world. Faithful to the values of its founders, it makes them known to as many people as possible, on the one hand by supporting residents who need help to develop and succeed, on the other hand by encouraging diversity and inclusion and finally by organising numerous cultural, artistic or scientific events on campus.


  • To be faithful to the values of the Cité internationale and to make them known to as many people as possible
  • To respect and encourage diversity and inclusion within the campus
  • To support students and researchers who need help to develop and learn (scholarships, refugees…)
  • To encourage residents to engage in personal or collective projects with positive impact
  • To develop and support residents’ cultural, intellectual, scientific and entrepreneurial initiatives
  • To promote the arts, heritage and cultures of the world


Since 1925, the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris has been engaging in projects with collaborative values and connecting residents from different backgrounds around common values. Respect, diversity and tolerance, as well as openness to the world and solidarity, are all values on which to base a collective ambition.

Nearly a century after its creation, the Cité internationale still offers its residents a unique experience of sharing and exchange. The students and researchers of 150 nationalities that we house bring different perspectives, but this diversity nourishes creativity and is a source of exchange and collective progress to make sense of the world.

They talk about it

The Cité internationale and the people I have met here with such varied experiences have taught me to thrive and be resilient.

Shalmali Ghaisas, resident of the Maison de l’Inde


The Cité internationale strives to provide support to residents who need it and is open to people with particular difficulties.

A scholarship programme allows students to have all or part of their rent paid for 10 months. Merit and commitment scholarships are awarded to residents with a particularly remarkable academic record and involvement in the campus. Solidarity scholarships are also awarded on the basis of social criteria.

The Cité internationale is also very attentive to its accessibility: it has developed a “residents without borders” programme which offers a welcome and personalised support to students and researchers in exile. The Cité internationale is also part of the PAUSE programme, a national programme to provide emergency assistance to scientists, intellectuals and artists in danger. The campus has a long tradition of welcoming student refugees. 

Finally, the Cité internationale provides social, psychological and medical support to students and researchers who need it. The Relais Social International (RSI) welcomes, advises and supports residents who encounter difficulties during their stay, free of charge. It provides 3 types of assistance to residents: social support, psychological support and a medical centre.

They talk about it

We are proud to be a partner of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris and to contribute to the opening of its medical branch.

Catherine Chazal, Director of CSR and patronage at AXA France


The Cité internationale is a place for promoting the arts, heritage and world cultures. 

Discovery, dialogue and respect for different cultures are the very foundation of the Cité internationale. The 43 houses are at the heart of these issues. They offer a rich programme organised around debates, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and screenings. The Cité internationale strives to make these events accessible to as many people as possible and to build bridges with the Parisian ecosystem. To make them known, in 2022 it launched, its new online calendar of free events open to the public.

To promote all forms of artistic creation, since 2021 the Cité internationale has also been home to a contemporary art centre, the CNEAI, which creates exhibitions within the campus and beyond, offers meetings of artists and art venues in the Paris region to residents and local residents of the 14th arrondissement, as well as meeting days for young scientists and artists. 


The Cité internationale supports residents’ cultural, artistic, scientific and entrepreneurial activities and encourages them to engage in personal or collective projects with a positive impact. To enable them to carry out their projects, it launches a call for projects twice a year to support resident initiatives. They can benefit from financial assistance through a dedicated fund, the Resident Initiatives Fund.

Our actions

A Charter of Values

In 2022, a Charter of Values was drawn up and signed by all the houses of the Cité internationale. It brings together a set of values on which we can rely to live together better and share a common humanity by contributing to peace, while respecting diversity.

Fighting gender-based and sexual violence

On the strength of its shared values of tolerance and mutual respect, the Cité internationale is committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination, harassment and sexual and gender-based violence. All its actors have mobilised to implement a policy of awareness-raising and management of such violence.

Committed and supportive residents

Each year, the Cité internationale launches two calls for projects to support resident initiatives as part of the Resident Initiatives Fund. The projects can deal with various themes but must have a positive impact: peace, sport, digital, culture, citizenship, the environment or solidarity.

Merit and commitment scholarships

These scholarships are intended for the most deserving residents in tight financial situations. They are financed by individual patrons and donors who grant an average of 70 scholarships per year to cover part or all of their accommodation for 10 months. 

Room for Success scholarships

These solidarity scholarships enable residents with the most limited resources to pursue their studies in the best possible conditions by financing all or part of their accommodation. This programme, supported by the Bolloré Group, is financed by a dedicated fund supplied by patrons or individual donors. 

The Habib Sharifi scholarships

Through this scholarship programme, the Cité internationale, its historical sponsor the Ardian Foundation and the Gondishapour association, created by alumni of the Cité internationale, promote the hosting of international artists on campus by offering them conditions conducive to artistic creation.

Promoting mobility of the world's youth and access to knowledge

The Cité internationale promotes mobility of the world’s youth and access to knowledge by ensuring the well-being of the students and researchers it hosts, by encouraging them to experience otherness in a spirit of kindness and respect, and by sharing common values of trust in progress and knowledge.

Acting for a sustainable world

For present and future generations, the Cité internationale acts for a sustainable world by being at the forefront of the fight against climate change, by participating in raising awareness and by acting for the ecological transition.