Patronage at the Cité internationale

Making sense of the world

Conceived after the First World War, the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris brings together young talents from all over the world in one place. By promoting shared life, exchanges and understanding of a rich and complex world, the Cité internationale contributes to raising awareness and making sense of the world. Patronage is the cornerstone of this ambition. It invests in all areas of activity, all projects, with those who believe in this humanist place of open innovation and experimentation. Whatever the amount of your support, there will always be a project within your reach.

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Promoting access to knowledge and mobility for the world's youth

The Cité internationale promotes  mobility of young talents from all over the world by ensuring the well-being of the students and researchers it hosts and by providing them with optimal and serene study conditions. The projects we develop have an impact and aim to promote academic success and access to knowledge: modernisation of the Central Library, accessibility to sport and culture, renovation of our heritage, etc. 

Promoting solidarity and humanist values

The Cité internationale encourages cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives that make sense of the world. It promotes the values of its founders by supporting residents who need help and by developing innovation and experimentation to build the world of tomorrow. The projects we develop have a strong social and cultural impact: merit and commitment scholarships, solidarity scholarships, emergency aid funds, social and solidarity grocery shops, etc.

Acting for a sustainable world

Living in a sustainable world is a sine qua non of the sense that the Cité internationale wishes to make of the world. This is why the Cité internationale enables the young talents it hosts, who are tomorrow’s decision-makers, to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. It helps to raise awareness of climate issues in the park and in all the places where people live on campus. 


The Cité internationale scholarship programme offers us not only the opportunity to focus all our energies on our studies by guaranteeing us some financial security, but also the moral and professional support of a mentor. 

Mary, 2019-2020 delegate of the Cité internationale scholarship holders

Being a patron of the Cité internationale

Promoting student success and preparing for the future

Being a patron of the Cité internationale means helping the 12,000 students and researchers from all over the world who are housed on the campus every year. It also means helping us to develop innovative projects in the fields of solidarity, the environment, innovation, digital transformation and experimentation. Each donation is important. It allows the Cité internationale to welcome its residents in a campus conducive to their success while preparing their professional future.

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All your questions

Who can be a patron or donor of the Cité internationale?

All of you! By making a donation in the amount of your choice. The donation can be in the name of an individual, a company or a foundation (or endowment fund).

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How will my donation be used?

You can choose to make a donation for a specific project or a general donation that will be automatically allocated to our current priority projects.

We take care to limit the management costs necessary for fundraising as much as possible (management, administration around sponsorship and our fundraising campaigns), they represent 10% of the amount of your donation. Furthermore, if the project supported encounters difficulties or cannot be completed, your donation will be transferred to another project with a similar orientation.

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Why be a patron of the Cité internationale?

Being a patron of the Cité means helping the 12,000 residents from all over the world who live there every year. Each donation is important and allows the Cité to welcome its residents on a modern campus that is conducive to their success, so that they can prepare for their professional future with peace of mind.

In addition, you have the possibility of defiscalising your donation thanks to the tax receipt that the sponsorship team will send you. In some cases, your donation may also be rewarded with a thank you plaque (depending on the nature of the project and the amount of the donation).

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Can I direct my donation to a project?

You have the possibility of directing your donation to a specific project led by the Cité internationale. You will then find the areas of support that we are developing as well as the projects that result from them. 

You can also contact the sponsorship team to obtain more information about a particular project. 

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How can my donation be de-taxed?

Once you have made your donation, you will receive a tax receipt from the sponsorship team. Keep this document as proof of your donation when you file your tax return with the tax authorities.

For individual donors: when filing your annual tax return, declare the amount of your donation in box 7UF (“Tax deductions and credits” in the “Expenses” section). This is step 3 when declaring your income online. You can deduct up to 66% of the amount of your donation from your income tax (within the limit of 20% of your taxable income) and up to 75% of your real estate wealth tax (within the limit of €50,000).

For companies: you can deduct up to 60% of the amount of your donation from your corporation tax (within the limit of 0.5% of the turnover or 10 000€ for SMEs).

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Got a question ?

The Cité internationale’s sponsorship team can answer all your questions and requests for tailor-made sponsorship.


To find out more about the history of the Cité internationale, its architecture and its development, visit our Heritage Centre. Permanent exhibitions, thematic guided tours and innovative digital media will take you through time and space to discover this exceptional place.

Organise your business event at the Cité internationale

Thanks to its prestigious setting, which combines architecture and green spaces, its varied atmospheres and its tailor-made services, the Cité internationale offers numerous possibilities for the organisation of your professional events: colloquia, trade fairs, seminars, conferences, receptions, team building, etc.