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Our core business is welcoming international students and researchers. Over the years we have developed a real culture of hospitality. As international competition grows, the conditions for welcoming people on student and scientific mobility constitute a real challenge for Île-de-France’s higher education and research establishments. We support their international policy by proposing a tailored welcome to their international students and researchers.



For close to 20 years, the tailored hospitality services have been in place in order to respond to all questions linked to the mobility and integration of international students and researchers regardless of whether or not they are residents at our campus. With support from the City of Paris and the Île-de-France region, we are committed to developing an ambitious vision of hospitality by personalising more and more of our services and adapting to the renewed demands of welcoming an international audience (shortening stays, strong international competition, rolling out digital aids, demand for individual care, environmental quality). This attention to hospitality also includes helping the more vulnerable students or those who face difficulties during their stay.

The Cité internationale has become the favoured contact for all international students and researchers in Île-de-France. We help them get settled, manage the formalities, learn French, integrate into student communities and, in a more general sense, to flourish in their new life.


We have a unique network that specialises in welcoming international mobility in Île-de-France. This acc&ss network is now comprised of 4 centres that are located in the main research and higher education centres in the region. These centres help to overcome administrative obstacles and to facilitate the integration of mobile audiences. We also work with higher education establishments concerning team training, setting up single points of contact and developing an international strategy.

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Our strength: increasingly individualised
hospitality and support

Permanent offices that are open year-round
A multilingual reception: from English to Mandarin as well as Hindi and Wolof
Individual appointments on site or online
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For decades the Cité internationale has known how to create a supportive environment, help international students and house them in a magnificent setting. For us, it’s the model of French hospitality.

Donatienne Hissard, Managing Director of Campus France

At the heart of our actions

acc&ss Paris Île-de-France: supporting students and researchers in mobility

acc&ss Paris Ile-de-France will help you prepare for your stay and with the formalities involved in settling in (visas, residence permits, employment law, health insurance). You can call on our multilingual team at any time, both before your arrival and during your stay.

The Welcome Desk Paris: a one-stop shop for the new academic year

At the start of every new academic year, the Welcome Desk Paris at the Cité internationale, allows students and researchers from Île-de-France on international mobility to carry out all their administrative processes in one place.

The relais social international: for bad mobility experiences

The relais social international offers a caring and confidential space to residents facing difficulties. It welcomes them, supports them and offers preventative actions within the medical-social field.

A digital Cité: towards an ultra-personalised approach to hospitality

New digital tools are being deployed until 2023. They will offer new services and a more personalised approach to our audience.

Rethinking international mobility at the beginning of each academic year

Since 2019, the Cité internationale and AEF Info have organised at the beginning of each academic year an annual  garden party to rethink international mobility.

Hospitality is a strength: an award-winning communication campaign

This campaign on mobility was chosen as one of the best digital campaigns of 2019 by the agency Canevet & Associés.