Sport program

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Campus residents and staff

The International Campus offers its residents and employees a wide choice of sports courses and activities at preferential prices.

For the 2020/2021 university year, they are grouped into 2 themed programs and several options:

The “Actisport Libre” program
 (the activity is not supervised by an instructor):
fitness, football, tennis, pétanque, tennis table…

The “supervised” Actisport program (the activity is under the direction of a member of the Sports Service staff): chess, yoga, streching, aïkido, tai chi, kung fu boxing, capoeira, boxing, cross training, personal training, circus, ballet, floor barre, pilates, step, swedish fit, footing cardio-training, self defense, zumba, hiking…

The Options (the activity forms part of a course at the university or at a partner club of the International Campus).

Activities on offer: (a single activity of the individual’s choice): fitness, cardio fitness machine, free fighting, foil fencing, sabre fencing, judo randori, judo, gym well-being, contemporary dance, salsa, tango, modern jazz, tai chi, yoga, sailing, feminine futsal, badminton, handball.

Depending on the programme chosen, it is possible to enrol for one university year (from September to June), for one trimester or even for one month.


To download the 2020/2021 program and the regulations click here.

General public

A partner of the Paris Université Club (PUC), the International Campus is open to the general public for the practice of a variety of sports. Are you interested? Find our more from the association: “Open” offer.