The key actors

The Cité Internationale development project is the fruit of a major cooperative venture, fed by the desire to unify the site: to make the Cité a campus, which will be an example throughout the world. Historical partners, new countries and architects of renown will together write the history of the Cité Internationale of tomorrow.

by Lucille Testard de Marans

Renewed commitment from the historic partners

The State

A historic partner of the Cité, the State has affirmed its commitment to the Cité development project under several headings: as a stakeholder in the land exchange agreement of 2012 on the one hand, which clarified the land property situation of the site and made possible the construction of new residences.

On the other hand, by committing 22 million Euros to the Cité project under the heading of Operation Plan Campus, the project having been selected among the 13 priority projects for Paris, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research is financing the works scheduled for the first phase of the land management operation.

The Ville de Paris

Similarly, as a stakeholder in the real property exchange agreement of 2012 the Ville de Paris is closely involved with the land management operation; a major part of the work will be carried out on land belonging to it.

Moreover, it is directly concerned with 3 accommodation construction programmes: two building projects (the Plot B and Paul Vaillant Couturier residences), and a renovation (Pavillon Victor Lyon).

The Chancellery of the Universities

The owner of the entirety of the built heritage and of part of the land on the site, the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris is also a stakeholder in the land exchange agreement of 2012.

Represented by the Rector on the Cité Internationale Management Board, the Chancellery of the Universities is supporting the development project at all levels.

The Ile-de-France Region

The Ile-de-France Region is the contracting authority for one residence, the design concept of which has been entrusted to the agency, Nicolas Michelin & Associés, architectes (A/NM/A). The design of this building complies with the ZEN (net zero energy) energy performance criteria.

The Region is also co-financing several construction projects.

La Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris

A stakeholder in the real property exchange agreement of 2012, the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris has been nominated contracting authority for the land management operation under the terms of a  tripartite agreement, signed by the partners in April 2013. It is aided and advised in mounting and guiding this project by Carole Héripret Consultant. Assistance in the operational conduct of the project is being provided by Epaurif.

The commitment of the new countries

Three countries will have the opportunity to join the 25 countries already represented by a residence on the Cité Internationale, and thus to increase their academic and cultural influence in Paris.

An agreement signed at the start of 2014 has already made Korea’s participation official; Korea intends to build its residence in the east of the Cité park very shortly.

The participation by architects of renown

  • Bruno Fortier / TN+: this group has been nominated as the project manager for the land management project. Its two main tasks consist in supervising the land management of the site in terms of landscaping, town planning and architecture, as well as the architectural coordination of the new programmes for the accommodation. The team selected will be guided by the main directives of the Guide Plan prepared by the EXP architectes / Sempervirens / ATPI group.







In addition:

Operation Plan Campus of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR)