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Interview with the Director of the Maison du Mexique

Tell us about your background and your arrival at the Cité internationale.

I’m a communicologist by training. I’ve dedicated a part of my professional life to working in the field of long-distance communication and historic research in diverse fields (clothing, political figures, the history of 19th century Mexico).

Upon arriving at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris I realised that this place is a real opportunity for young Mexicans who come to continue their education in France because the accommodation allows you to share cultures with other residents, all in complete safety and comfort. Also, the Mexican friendliness and hospitality in the house makes foreigners living there feel at home.

What do you think makes the Cité internationale a unique campus in the world?

The opportunity for young Mexicans and foreigners who come to continue their education in France to live safely with 28 other nationalities in a clean and green space where they can develop their projects.

How does living in your house allow residents to have a different outlook on the world and how is it a spring board for their futures?

The Mexican friendliness and hospitality are important in the house. They make it possible to exchange points of view and remove certain preconceived ideas of other cultures. Having other perspectives and this openness will lead to a better view of the world and a better analysis of situations that the students may face in the future.

If you had to sum up the Cité internationale in one word, what would it be and why?

Friendship and sharing

Blanca E. JIMÉNEZ-CISNEROS, Ambassador of Mexico to France and President of the Foundation

Ms Blanca E. Jiménez Cisneros undertook the role of Mexican Ambassador to France on the 30th of August 2021. She has a lot of experience as a civil servant and researcher, notably in environmental engineering, water management, the fight against climate change and scientific diplomacy. Throughout her career, she has worked in academic research, but also within the government and international multilateral organisations.

The Cité internationale Universitaire de Paris is an ideal place for young Mexican students, a place of adaptation and of discovering a new life.

Blanca E. Jimenez-Cisneros