Activities in all disciplines, a variety of courses and facilities, hosting of top-level athletes: sports enthusiasts, both resident and non-resident, can pursue their interests on the International Campus.

Sports Directorate

Tel. +33 (0)1 58 40 83 30

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Sport program

The International Campus offers its residents a wide choice of sports courses and activities at preferential prices.

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Hosting of top-level athletes

The selection of candidates is based on three criteria: their level in their sport, their academic level in relation to their age and whether they are able to travel in France or abroad.

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Inter Foundation Tournament

Each year almost 300 residents take part in the International Campus Inter Foundation Tournament.


The only competition of its kind, throughout the academic year it pits the residents against each other to defend the colours of their residence in various physical and sports activities: table tennis, badminton, tennis, volley-ball, football etc.

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