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The discovery tool

Search all the library’s digital and print references.  

Printed matter catalogue

A precise tool for searching for a work in the library’s physical collections (50,000 references). Our documents are either freely accessible, or quickly available on request. The library does not offer book loans.

The digital library

Here you can access more than 60 databases, classified by field of study and containing thousands of specialized journals, articles, theses or full-text press titles: LexisNexis, Dalloz, Cairn, Nature, Classiques Garnier numérique… 

Documentary trails

What print and digital resources are available in your discipline at the library? Follow the guide!

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Latest acquisitions

Which books, journals and databases, printed or online, have recently joined the library’s collections? To find out, consult the list of recent acquisitions.

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Suggestions and donations

Over the years, the library’s collections have been enriched by numerous donations and bequests, as well as suggestions for purchases from our users. Do you have a donation to offer? A suggestion for a purchase?

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