For security reasons (Vigipirate plan), the entrances to 15 bis, 23 and 37 bd Jourdan and 7 rue Emile Faguet are currently closed. All other entrances remain open.
Thank you for your understanding.

Iryna Chemerynska

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I started to feel unsafe and defenceless. Thanks to the International City, this has changed. Here we feel supported as Ukrainians. On campus, we have been able to organise a collection and emergency centre for displaced students. Our team consists not only of Ukrainians, but also of many international students and researchers who are willing to help.


The residents of the Cité internationale take part in the organisation of the political, social and cultural life of the campus. Committed to the major contemporary societal issues, they create collaborative projects and organise debates and events that punctuate campus life every year.


A laboratory of ideas and creation for thinking about the world of tomorrow, the Cité internationale occupies a unique place in the Parisian cultural landscape as a place for international youth. Collaborative artistic and ecological projects abound on the campus.