Carole Monsaint

Interview with the Operations Manager of the Fondation Haraucourt 

Tell us about your background and your arrival at the Cité internationale.

After 10 years in the tourism sector (CLUB MED village, CLUB MED travel agency) where I had the chance to work in different countries such as the US, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, I arrived at the Cité internationale in 2006. I was firstly a planning manager at the Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe then at the Maison de l’Asie du Sud-Est, where I was able to progress to the role of Operations Manager. Currently I manage Collège franco-britannique and Fondation Haraucourt.

What do you think makes the Cité internationale a unique campus in the world?

The richness and diversity of the architecture in a preserved green space make it an exceptional place. Everything in the buildings is made use of so that the students and researchers can easily study on a campus that offers a multitude of services and openness to the world. Ensuring that residents have a balance between their studies and non-academic life is our priority.

If you had to sum up the Cité internationale in one word, what would it be and why?


An exceptional working environment that ensures the well-being of both residents and employees.