The Theatre on the International Campus

A veritable reference point in the Parisian landscape of the arts, the International Campus Theatre offers a bold and eclectic programme (theatre, dance, circus, puppetry, music etc.), advocating diversity and an open-minded approach to every area of the arts and to every sort of audience.

In 2013 the International Campus Theatre staged 17 shows and 4 festivals with a total of more than 193 performances and sold more than 27,000 tickets.

The shows

As well as being advertised in Citéscope, all the information on the shows and artists on the programme at the Campus Theatre can be found on our website:

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The multi-disciplinary programme of the theatre has always been organised in a bold and eclectic spirit.

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The music studios

Three types of space are offered to amateur and professional musicians: a large studio for ensembles and choirs, two studios for amplified music and ten studios for individual musicians or duos.


Maison du Cambodge

Tel.: 33 (0)1 58 40 83 14
Fax : 33 (0)1 58 40 83 15

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The Theatre and the residents

Encounters and workshops with the scheduled artists, assistance in producing projects, preferential prices for the shows and a blog, so that nothing is missed!

INFO FIE (Students’ Initiatives Fund) 2014: first committee meeting on 12th February and submission of files on 3rd February!

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