A remodelling plan with 10 new houses, providing 1,800 new accommodation units!


On Monday 8 April 2013, Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris, François Weil, Rector of the Paris Education District and Chancellor of the Universities of Paris, and Marcel Pochard, President of Paris Cité Internationale Universitaire, signed an agreement approving the new Cité Internationale development plan and designating it as the project’s client.

Bertrand Delanoë and Marcel Pochard also signed a framework agreement renewing the partnership between the City of Paris and Cité Internationale.

These commitments are directly linked with the historic land exchange deal of April 2011 between the French State, the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris, the City of Paris and Cité Internationale, which will mean the building of nearly 1,800 new accommodation places for Cité Internationale students and researchers.

This development project marks a common desire: to make Paris Cité Internationale Universitaire an international-level benchmark campus on both the urban and student quality-of-life levels.


A new development plan

With this signature, the City of Paris and the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris give their agreement to Paris Cité Internationale Universitaire’s new development plan. Cité Internationale has been entrusted with the role of client, so it can thus proceed to execute the campus remodelling project as from 2015 after 18 months of project management planning and administrative procedures.

This development plan meets several objectives:

To build ten new houses to accommodate students and researchers from abroad.

To improve the environment for residents and users of the site, to redefine and extend the Cité Internationale park.

It will be financed as part of Campus Plan – Student Life in Paris, presented by Minister Geneviève Fioraso on 21 March 2013. This project was accepted among the 13 top projects for Higher Education and Research in Paris.


The “Guide-Plan” – a strategic development tool

At the request of Paris Cité Internationale Universitaire, the EXP architectes/Sempervirens/ATPI group developed a “Guide-Plan” which enables Cité Internationale to share a strategic project development tool with all its partners and contacts as well as an operational framework within which all the operations it intends conducting in future years will be developed.

The “Guide-Plan” defines the ambitions and the overall coherence of the development plan and determines the principal interventions to be undertaken in the Cité Internationale park.

Both partners and site users have been closely associated with this piece of work. The “Guide-Plan” is the result of intensive collaboration between the City of Paris, services of the French State, the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris and Paris Cité Internationale Universitaire.


1,800 new student accommodation units, 10 new houses

Three new countries will be able to build their houses (650 student units) in the Paris Cité Internationale Universitaire East Park and to increase their university and cultural influence in Paris. Four other houses (750 student units) will be built in the West Park by 2017, enabling partnerships to be sealed with foreign universities and countries. Moreover, 3 houses (300 units) will be built by the City of Paris as part of a partnership agreement. Delivered as from 2015 and 2016, they will make it possible to accommodate researchers hosted by the Paris Institute of Advanced Studies in a refurbished pavilion in Cité Internationale (the Victor Lyon Foundation) and to provide homes for students, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers in two new buildings. The Ile-de-France Region will deliver a 142-unit residence in 2015 to meet a “ZEN” (Zero net energy) environmental objective.