The melting pot

More than 12,000 persons live on the International Campus each year. The majority of them stay on the site at least 9 months. Taking account of the division of university courses into semesters, about 1,000 residents are hosted for 3 to 6 months. The ‘typical profile’ of the International Campus resident is as follows: a student from abroad, pursuing a course in a school of higher education.


This stay is the opportunity for these students, researchers and artists to meet one another, to exchange views and to share life with more than 140 nationalities represented on the International Campus. An experience of life with others, unique in the world.


The ‘melting pot’ is a notion written into the Statutes of the Campus. To make it easier for the students of different nationalities to become acquainted, up to 30 to 50% residents of one nationality admitted to one residence are then housed in all the Campus residences, allowing each residence to accept 20 to 60 different nationalities.


For example, every year the Fondation DEUTSCH DE LA MEURTHE hosts approximately 60 nationalities. To enable the foreign students and researchers to become more familiar with France, its language and culture, each year the International Campus accepts about 25% of residents from France.