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A new tool to weave living, dynamic, creative relations between the residents and the Campus Theatre. A space where the imaginary, the extraordinary, the off-beat can co-exist with advice and advertising for the production of your projects. This blog has been designed for and with you. How do I contribute to it?
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This is where you find the programmes for Tuesday evenings: organised in the Theatre bar or in the residences, the Tuesday events are unique meetings, in the evening, to create joint projects, meet the artists appearing at the theatre and to discuss art in all its forms. Admission free.
This where you keep up to date on the residents’ initiatives, in particular the projects supported by the Students’ Initiatives Fund: each year the Students’ Initiatives Fund (FIE) helps you to produce your arts, citizenship and cultural projects, thanks to financial and/or logistics support from the theatre. Two committees meet in February and April 2014 to decide which projects will be supported.

Your contact at the Campus Theatre: Anouk Peytavin / 01 43 13 50 58

The Students’ Initiatives Fund (FIE)

To give that first impetus to projects conceived by students residing on the International Campus and to make the most of this cultural diversity, an Initiatives Fund has been set up, which is administered by the International Campus Theatre.

• • • INFO FIE (Students’ Initiative Fund) 2014: first committee meeting on 12th February and submission of files on 3rd February • • •
FIE Regulations FIE Directory

The aim of the Students’ Initiative Fund is to help the residents of the International Campus to produce their projects in the fields of artistic creativity, citizenship actions and sport. A joint committee, made up of professionals and residents, decides on the allocation of the financial assistance. Its main priority is to support collective initiatives, which bring together the residents of several residences or the members of several Residents’ Committees, as well as supporting individual projects, which have an impact on the Campus. The Campus Theatre helps those responsible for projects to compile their files and to look for other sources of finance. It can also offer a project logistical and technical assistance, together with the loan of material.

To follow the projects and/or take part in them:

 2 committees per year: in January and April. File to be collected by appointment from