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The University Campus is principally a place to meet others. This is achieved by the variety of facilities available to the residents. Located between the Porte dā€™OrlĆ©ans and the Porte de Gentilly, the Campus offers, first and foremost,Ā Ā 40 hectares of parkland,Ā around which theĀ 40 residencesĀ in various architectural styles are dotted.Ā 

Nevertheless, there is a central focus, that of theĀ Maison internationale, which houses the services for the community: theĀ library, theĀ restaurant, theĀ cafeteria, theĀ theatre, theĀ sports facilities, aĀ bank, aĀ post office. On the ground floor, theĀ acc&ss Paris CentreĀ service, open from Monday to Friday, assists students and researchers in administrative formalities and on any subject linked to their stay in France.

The Campus is thus a real little town, in the heart of the Paris conurbation, a green haven in the centre of a dense urban fabric.