Maison de l'Inde


India House was designed by two Indian architects, M. BENJAMIN and H.R LAROYA, assisted by French architect Gaston LECLAIRE.

Built in the 1960s

Nedyam RAGHAVAN, the Indian ambassador to France, signed the official donation on 17 June 1960, accompanied by Humayun KABIR, the Indian Minister of scientific research and cultural affairs. The house opened its doors in June 1968.

A colourful building

India House was designed by two Indian architects, M. BENJAMIN and H.R LAROYA, assisted by French architect Gaston LECLAIRE. It is six stories tall and includes 104 rooms, one studio apartment and an apartment for senior researchers, as well as a reception room for 200 guests in an overhanging annex. The building is made colourful by the red bricks, the green mosaic and the purple sandstone tiles.

Did you know?
The house was renovated and modernised in 2005.

A centre for Indian culture

From its opening, the house has played a major role in promoting Indian culture. It has slowly accumulated a collection of art that represents this country’s traditions, including a bust of Gandhi and a bas-relief depicting the Buddhist caves at Ratnagiri. Every year, the house holds a wide range of events, such as traditional celebrations for the four-day Autumn Festival (Durga Puja), the Festival of Light (Deepavali), the celebration of students (Saraswati Puja) and Children’s Day.