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Foire aux questions (version française)


Will the Cité internationale remain open and continue to support your stay even in the context of Covid-19?

The Cité internationale will remain open and will continue to support your stay, even in the context of Covid-19. However, measures have been taken in order to limit the spread of the virus, including: closing public spaces, such as the library, the music studios, sports facilities and all restaurants. The Cité internationale and FRICHTI have opened a meal delivery platform reserved for the residents of the Cité internationale : All cultural activities and festivities have been cancelled. With the exception of kitchens, all social or shared spaces located in individual houses are closed. Regarding kitchens, strict rules are introduced to limit the spread of the virus. You must follow these rules at all times. External visitors are no longer admitted, except in special cases (please ask the director of your house beforehand for authorization).

Can residents go to other houses on campus?

For all residents, as a safety measure, gathering in groups in the houses and the park is banned.

If suspected cases among residents are confirmed to be covid-19, what are the measures in place to contain the spread?

Anyone confirmed ill by a doctor will be confined to their room. In this case, a special protocol will be put in place by the Director of the house in order to prevent the spread of the virus. The management and the staff of the house will ensure permanent communication with the infected person in order to know the evolution of his condition.

You left France hastily and, in the doubt, you left your personal belongings in your room (clothes, books etc.). Will you be allowed to keep your room until it is possible to return to France?

The room including your belongings will be kept for you. The contract that binds you to the Cité internationale provides for this type of absence. Regarding your rent, you will have to pay the rent according to the usual terms provided in the contract. However, each house will adopt its own assistance measures. You need to contact your House Director.


Are there any changes to be made regarding the cleaning of the accommodations?

Cleaning service is suspended in the accommodations. Sheets shall be changed by the residents themselves.


Are laundry facilities still open within the houses?

The communal laundries remain open. However, we invite you to contact your house director or the reception desk to access it according to a defined schedule to avoid too many users at the same time.


What should you do?

If you have a fever and a dry cough, and/or a loss of taste and smell :

1. Make an appointment with a doctor (see list below), or by téléconsultation (on Doctolib or Livi ), or call SOS doctors (01 47 07 77 77).

We advise you to opt for medical teleconsultation, in case of doubt about your state of health. Until your consultation or until your doctor arrives, we request that you go to your room and do not leave it.

2. Meanwhile, report immediately to your home’s COVID-19 adviser (manager or director) with your last name, first name, room number, symptoms, nationality and telephone number. Your COVID-19 adviser will assist you with the processes. If the doctor confirms your condition, report it to your adviser by specifying the period of confinement prescribed by the doctor. Depending on the nature of your case, an envelope will be left in front of your bedroom door, made up of a mask, gloves and a document providing advice. We remind you that in the event that you have to leave your room, you must wear a mask.

3. For your protection and other residents and staff protection, we require that you observe carefully the transmitted recommendations:

  • If you are in an emergency, or have difficulties to breath, call 15.
  • Don’t go out of your room, except in case of fire alarm and evacuation. In that case, wear mask and gloves provided in the kit to go out, and dress warmly to avoid worsening your health condition.
  • Keep informed daily by email or by phone the reception desk of your house during the week, and/or your director during the weekends about your situation and health condition.
  • We request you to stop receiving visitors in your room during the containment, except for authorized people (technical emergency – maintenance).
  • For all residents, as a safety measure, gathering in groups in the houses and the park is banned. Warn those with whom you have been in contact by recommending increased vigilance.

List of doctors next to the Cité internationale.

Who should you inform?

You have to inform first the reception staff of the house and your director who are at your disposal for any questions. We also advise you to inform your family of your situation. However, don’t ask them to come and see you. If you are confined to your room and you are not hospitalized, the situation is not dire. Furthermore, this would expose your loved ones to a possible risk of contagion.


Is the park of the Cité internationale closed?

Given the health context linked to the spread of the virus, the park of the Cité internationale is closed to the public since March 16, 2020 and until further notice. Access and checkpoints will be closed. You will need to bring your resident card with you in order to gain access.

1. Gathering in groups in the park is banned

2. Prohibition to circulate by foot or in a vehicle in the park

3. Authorized exceptions for leaving your house, respecting general measures to prevent the spread of the virus and avoiding any gatherings of people:

  • professional trips which cannot be postponed
  • purchase supplies necessary for your professional activity
  • purchase food
  • travel for health reasons (consultations that cannot be done remotely, consultations that cannot be deferred or patients who have a serious illness or long-lasting condition)
  • travel for imperative family reasons, assistance to vulnerable people or for childcare
  • short walks, near your home, related to physical activity (1 hour daily, not more that 1 km around the Cité internationale) and to the exclusion of any collective sporting activity

What at the measures taken in the park to prevent its access?

Screening has been implemented at the entrance of the Cité internationale. Some gates will remain open during the day (7, 27, 57 Bd Jourdan and 15 avenue D. Weill). They will be guarded from 10.30 am till 7 pm. Outside these hours, the gate 27 is the only one which will remain open. We will be vigilant for these instructions to be respected.

SERVICES – catering

Is the restaurant universitaire-Crous de Paris closed?

The CROUS interrupts its catering activity at the University restaurant, including take-away sales from Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

What are the alternatives?

To help you find food without having to go out, the Cité internationale is proposing some alternatives:

1. The Cité internationale and FRICHTI have opened a platform reserved for the residents of the Cité internationale :

Thanks to this platform, you can now order your meals for lunch and/or dinner. 

Each day, three menus will be offered:

  • Salad or pie, veggie dish and dish with meat + dessert
  • 7 euros, free delivery.
  • Menu over 7 days, from Monday to Sunday

The platform is available in French and English.


  • Place your orders 48 hours in advance of the desired delivery date.
  • Small packages are delivered around 11am, whether the order is for lunch or dinner.
  • Sunday deliveries are on Saturday


Choose your delivery point when you order. You have to pick up your lunch from one of the three houses, choose the one closest to you

  • House of Portugal-André de Gouveia
  • House of Swedish students
  • House of Tunisia

2. Numerous applications are available and used by students. We recommend Efiester: a group home delivery service created by a former resident of the Cité internationale. Delivery: 10 days. No minimum orders, supermarket prices and free delivery:

3. For sick residents in total confinement, a meal delivery is set up with the CROUS; deliveries of a catering kit for 7 days are carried out once a week. 


If you wish to use the collective kitchen, ask for permission from the house director. The latter will organize private time slots so as not to be in contact with other residents. In this case, leave your room with a mask, clean the kitchen and the spaces after your visit. We can provide you with a kettle and crockery if you wish.


Do deliveries function as per usual (alimentary and non-alimentary)?

Delivery (parcel or meal) is possible despite the closure of the park to the public, but some houses do not accept parcels. We invite you to check the delivery terms with the Direction of your house.

In addition, when you place an order online, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Specify your mobile phone number to the deliverer 
  • Specify the exact address of your house
  • If you live in a house in the Eastern park, tell the delivery person that entry is via 27 bd Jourdan. If you live in a house in the West park, tell the delivery person that entry is via 57 bd Jourdan.

Is mail delivery still maintained at the Cité internationale?

Yes, the mail delivery service is maintained during the shutdown. However, there might be delays in delivery linked to the Post Office and the staff shortage at the Citéinternationale.

SERVICES – Sports facilités

Will the Cité internationale continue to give sports classes?

The sports facilities remain closed during this period to prevent the spread of the virus. We hope that this suspension will not last long.

SERVICES – library

Can we borrow books from the Cité internationale Central library?

The Cité Central library remains closed during the lockdown. However, the library has online resources that can be consulted from the Cité internationale network, therefore from the room:


Will the Relais Social International stay open?

If you encounter difficulties (anxiety, financial difficulties, family problems, etc.), you can reach the Relais Social International service by telephone and email: 01 44 16 65 62 –


Is the office of the Prefecture of Police of the Cité internationale open?

The Police Prefecture reception desks have closed on Monday March 16 and remain suspended until further notice.

Your visa is expiring soon and for obvious reason all appointments are cancel. What can you do?

By Interior Ministry’s decision, long stay visas, récépissés and residence permits which would come to an end between March 16th and May 15th will automatically be extended for 3 months. You don’t  have to do anything if that’s your case.

  • Please check the Prefecture press release by following this link.
  • For any other administrative question, please contact the acc&ss Paris centre team who assists and guides you before and during your stay in Paris and Île-de-France Region :


How will your healthcare costs be covered if you contract covid-19 (doctor’s consultation, hospitalization, etc.)?

In France, basic health coverage (Social security Health insurance called « l’Assurance Maladie » or known as « CPAM ») and supplementary health coverage (« mutuelle ») are distinguished. Your health costs are covered in a complementary way by these supplementary health coverage contracts. For example, when you see a doctor you usually get a reimbursement of 70% of the cost of the consultation by the Social Security Health Insurance and 30% by your supplementary health insurance. Although supplementary health coverage is not compulsory for self-employed persons, it is recommended to be covered because the remaining costs can quickly reach large sums, especially in the case of hospitalization or surgery.

If you haven’t received youtr vital card yet, the doctor will then give you a care sheet (« feuille de soins ») which will have to be sent by mail to the Assurance Maladie and to your « mutuelle » in order to claim for the reimbursements of your health expenses.

What happens if you haven’t opened any social security rights?

acc&ss service can advise you, depending on your situation, on the way of registering with the social security :

Under certain conditions, you will be able to benefit from the Complementary Health Solidarity (ex CMU C) which will cover the additional part of your health expenses (without exceeding the fee). To access the simulator: Otherwise, you can take out an individual supplementary health contract with mutual associations, insurance companies, provident societies or banks. The cost of your contribution will depend on the coverage rate you choose. Several websites offer comparators to help you choose your contract. More information by following this link.

How to get in contact with Health Insurance? The physical reception desks of Assurance Maladie are closed but the telephone platform (English number: 08 11 36 36 46) remains reachable with however a risk of saturation. You should therefore give priority to online services via your personal account at and on smartphone and tablet applications.


What if you meet financial difficulties?

Contact the Relais Social International who, depending on your situation, will guide you on the social assistance systems maintained: 01 44 16 65 62 –

For assistance in the face of financial difficulties, the social services of the Crous maintain their services at distance (including for non grant students) and have set up simplified procedures:

-> Crous de Paris :

-> Crous de Créteil :

-> Crous de Versailles : ;  ; or

Many higher education establishments set up financial aids for their students, get more information by contacting your establishment.

Will you receive your scholarship?

– Scholarship paid by the CROUS:

The payment of scholarships is a priority for the Crous. The payments will be maintained even during the closure of the establishments. Payment for future monthly payments will be made according to the usual calendar. The Crous continue to normally process scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 academic year by examining the complete student social files received in order of arrival. Finally Frédérique VIDAL announced that “In this context, scholarship students will retain their right to scholarships even if, having been unable to validate their internship given the particular circumstances, they would find themselves in the situation of having exhausted their rights”. For questions on grants and accommodation contact 01 40 51 62 00 (for general questions) or via the contact form on MSE for individual requests.

– Scholarships managed by Campus France*

All scholarship holders returned by Campus France have received an information note on this exceptional situation. To contact Campus France send an email to your usual contact. For those who do not have a specific contact person and only in this case, you can use the contact form on their website: 

– Other scholarships

Check with your scholarship organization by consulting their website or by emailing the person in charge of your file.

How can you have resources if you cannot continue your professional activity?

Many different situations can arise. We encourage you to contact the Relais Social International, which will be able to inform you about the plans:

-> If your employer has placed you on partial unemployment

-> If your employer has placed you on a simplified work stoppage for employees forced to keep their children

-> If you are off work because your state of health presents a risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19 disease

-> If you are placed on sick leave by a doctor

-> If you are on a trial period

-> If you are on a fixed-term contract

-> If you are acting

-> If you are self-employed

-> If you are a temporary worker

-> If you are on an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract

-> If you are an intern

-> If you are on a Civic service mission

Where can you go to see a doctor? (excluding medical emergencies)?

Please check the contact list.

How can I talk to a psychologist?

For some people, the repercussions of long-term confinement can be very disturbing. Find HERE the brochure “Managing stress during covid-19“(In French).

Please check the contact list.

I need to talk about an addiction problem

The Pierre Nicole Young Consumer Consultation

27, rue pierre Nicole, 75005 Paris Tel: 01 44 32 07 64

Medical activities are maintained on site (methadone delivery in particular), appointments with patients already followed up continue by telephone and videoconference. A permanence of the addictologist psychiatrist for the CJC is maintained on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Telephone support is provided by the medical team.

Drogues info service | 0 800 23 13 13

Alcool Info Service | 0.980 980 930

Joueurs écoute info service |

I need help for the victims

LE RELAIS SOCIAL INTERNATIONAL lists all the victim assistance services that can provide you with support remotely or on their premises: 01 44 16 65 62 –




SOS HOMOPHOBIE | 01 48 06 42 41


Rest assured that the Cité internationale is fully mobilized to ensure you the best reception within the campus.
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