The Residences

Living on the International University Campus in Paris is a unique experience

Living in one of its 40 Residences makes a stay here an experience in one’s life totally out of the ordinary. Each year 12,000 students, researchers and artists live in the 40 residences on the International Campus.

A multi-cultural melting pot 

The notion of a ‘melting pot’ is written into the Statutes of the Campus. The aim being to encourage exchanges, up to 30 to 50% of the residents from one nationality accepted by one residence are then lodged in all the residences of the Campus, which allows each residence to accept an average of 20 to 30 different nationalities.

For example, the Fondation DEUTSCH DE LA MEURTHE each year accepts some 60 nationalities. To enable the foreign students and researchers to become more familiar with France, its language and culture, each year the International Campus accepts about 25% of residents from France

Living spaces and meeting places

The residences on the International Campus offer several types of accommodation. From a simple single room to a studio flat capable of housing a family (this is sometimes the case for researchers).

Entrance hall, communal kitchen, reception room and sitting room, function room etc. Each residence has communal areas where residents can meet and get to know each other.

Culture and more culture!

There is a full programme of cultural activities in each of the residences. Not fewer than 1,000 events are organised each year on the International Campus: music, theatre, lectures, meetings … Find all the cultural events on the International Campus on CitéScope.