Publications and research

The Heritage Centre organises a biennial International Conference on the issues linked to architecture and urban development. The proceedings of each conference will be published by the “L’œil d’or” publishing house. These works are on sale at Reception in L/OBLIQUE. 

International Conference on a creative campus

The International Campus has chosen to invite researchers and experts to debate the issues of international mobility, intercultural dialogue and the drawing power of the metropolis.


Publication planned for the end of 2013.


L’Habitat étudiant, un ecosystème à inventer.  (The student habitat, an eco-system to be invented) 
This work brings together the opinions of French experts and professionals on this issue.

2012, 108 p.
A joint publication by “L’oeil d’or” and the International University Campus in Paris.
Collection critiques et cités.
15 €*


L’insertion urbaine du boulevard périphérique – un enjeu de développement urbain au sud de Paris (Integrating the ring road into the city – a challenge for town planning in the south of Paris). 
The ring road, constructed between 1970 and 1973 on the site of the former fortifications of the capital, is the busiest motorway in the world, but is nonetheless an unusual piece of real estate. This publication presents the synthesis of a conference which invited international specialists to debate the issue of integrating the ring road into the city.

2012, 110 p.
A joint publication by “L’Œil d’Or” and the International University Campus in Paris.
Collection critiques et cités.
15 €*

Architectures paysagées (Landscaping and architecture) 
This book reveals to us the history of the creation of the International Campus, by describing its extraordinary built and landscaped heritage.

2010, 64 p.
A joint publication by “L’Œil d’Or” and the International University Campus in Paris.
Collection formes & figures
12 €*

Réhabiliter les edifices emblématiques du XXe siècles (Refurbishing buildings emblematic of the 20th century) 
The use of metal in 20th century architecture and the refurbishing of this emblematic architecture today reveals unique issues. Specialists, project owners and architects were invited to exchange views on these questions at a conference in November 2006. The constraints encountered and the solutions, which emerged, are set out in the current work.

2008, 128 p.
A joint publication by “L’Œil d’Or” and the International University Campus in Paris.
Link to the  L’Œil d’Or web site
Collection formes & figures
26 €*

Parcours du patrimoine de la Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe (Tour through the Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe heritage) 
Cet ouvrage monographique présente l’histoire de la première Fondation construite à la Cité internationale. Il est conçu comme un outil du tourisme culturel et vous convie à la découv

2010, 48 p.
In partnership with the Région Ile-de-France
Parcours du Patrimoine, No. 354, 48 pages, ill.
Collection formes & figures
7 €*


Connaissance des arts: the International Campus 
The magazine, Connaissance des Arts has devoted a special edition to the International Campus.

Lavishly illustrated, it tackles the history of the institution and its architectural heritage, but does not forget to deal with the other special features of this living space, unique in the world: its admissions policy, which enables young people from all over the world to live together, its grounds and their evolution in the past and in the era of sustainable development and its culture, ranging from the International Campus Theatre to the many events offered by the Residences.

2010, 68 p.
Some 100 illustrations.

10 €*

Available in English.


* International Campus residents are entitled to preferential prices


The International Campus also publishes tour guides, monographs at 1€ (already published: Collège néerlandais, Fondation Suisse, Maison du Brésil, Fondation DEUTSCH DE LA MEURTHE and Résidence Lucien PAYE).


Resource Centre

You wish to undertake a study on the International Campus?

The Resource Centre at L/OBLIQUE collects and stores archives collections on the history, architecture and urban environment of the International Campus site.

You may consult a variety of types of documentation:

  • photograph library,
  • audiovisual archives,
  • building plans,
  • specialist works and reviews,
  • subject files,
  • research works. 

Write to us or come and show us your project and consult the archives collection at L/OBLIQUE, our Heritage Centre.

Ongoing studies

 – Cabinet REA (Valérie-Noëlle Jouffre, Bernard Patary and Pascal Simonetti): An exhaustive study tracing the evolution of the International Campus in its urban context.

Région Ile-de-France: Inventory of the cultural heritage of the International Campus. To be delivered in 2014, it is headed by a cultural heritage officer, a photographer and a cartographer who are developing a detailed data system to allow easy access to all information on the heritage of the International Campus (via the Mérimée, Palissy and Mémoire databases; Cahier du patrimoine publication).

Completed study

Brigitte Blanc, “La constitution du domaine de la Cité internationale universitaire de Paris“ (« The constitution of the territory of the International University Campus in Paris »)