Introduction to L/OBLIQUE

A forum for mediation on architecture, planning and landscaping

Open every day (except Monday), from 1400 hours to 1800 hours, L/OBLIQUE is a forum for mediation dedicated to presenting the International Campus, its history, heritage, architecture and aims and to developing its real estate. Located on the ground floor of the Fondation AVICENNE, one of the emblematic buildings on the International Campus, created by Claude PARENT, this fully renovated 200 m2 area houses an exhibition, which offers the public an incomparable view of the site, enabling them to find out about the humanist project, which is the International Campus, and to learn how this 34 ha campus has gradually blended into a constantly changing urban environment.

L/OBLIQUE is also a resource centre offering perfect facilities for research to students of architecture, town planning and landscaping. One of its purposes is to stimulate awareness of these disciplines by means of a varied programme:


The complete refurbishment of the ground floor of the Fondation AVICENNE and the creation of the L/OBLIQUE permanent exhibition were financed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Thanks to the support of the Région Île-de-France, a major project of stock-taking, digitalization and enlargement of the photographic records has been carried out. Finally, in partnership with the International Campus, the Dédale cultural agency designed the Smartmap and Heritage Experience computer tools.

The team

  • Pascale DEJEAN, Research Manager
  • Adrien BIGUET, Assistant Research Manager
  • Diana MESA, Communications Manager


  • Andreea DRUGA and Rafik YAHIAOUI, architects
  • Lina METSAOTS, landscape gardener
  • Aurore LE LIÈVRE, parks and gardens  historian
  • Apsara DE LOURDES SANCHEZ BOADAS and Camille DE LIMA, architecture and heritage historians
  • Elsa MOREL, cultural mediator
  • Jean-Pierre FUDA, architecture graduate and President of the “A travers Paris” Association
  • Romain SORDELLO, engineer specialising in bio diversity and the founder of the “Parisian Tawny Owls” Project


Gioele MOLTISANTI and Miriam CHAMI, architect, Urbantec graduate, at present studying for a Master’s in Sustainable Development