Heritage Centre  

The International Campus makes every effort to disseminate as widely as possible knowledge about the history and the development of its heritage. But it also takes an active part in the process of taking stock and of working on the architecture, the town planning, and the landscaping and artistic creation for the future.

Introduction to L/OBLIQUE

L/OBLIQUE is a forum for mediation dedicated to presenting the International Campus, its history, heritage, architecture and aims and to developing its real estate.
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Guided tours

All year round L/OBLIQUE organises themed tours to the site, for individuals or in groups.

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  • Project spaces

    Discover the 4 major International Campus projects 

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Innovative digital devices

L/OBLIQUE invites the public to come and try out two digital devices for finding out about the area:


       – The Smartmap

       – Heritage Experience

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Publications and research

The Heritage Centre organises a biennial International Conference on the issues linked to architecture and urban development. The proceedings of each conference will be published.

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