Houses and students

The International Campus continues to pursue the Utopian dream of its founders and offers its residents somewhere to meet other students in an atmosphere of tolerance and reflection.

The residences

With 5,800 rooms in 40 residences, the International University Campus in Paris is the largest site hosting foreign students and researchers in the Ile-de-France.


Linked to countries or to the grandes écoles, 18 of them are managed directly by the National Foundation of the International University Campus in Paris and operate under its auspices. The others are foundations in their own right, recognised as being in the public interest, with their own legal personality.


Its first students’ residence, today called the Fondation DEUTSCH DE LA MEURTHE, in homage to the Alsatian philanthropist, opened its doors in 1925.
Very soon afterwards, other residences were built, financed by patrons, industrialists and foreign governments: the 
Fondation BIERMANS-LAPOTRE, the Maison des étudiants canadiens, the Collège d’ Espagne, the Maison du Japon, the Maison de l’Inde… On the eve of the Second World War there were 19 residences already in existence, dominated at their centre by the international residence, the Maison Internationale, constructed thanks to the  John ROCKEFELLER JR. competition.


After the war, work began again and a new series of building and construction was begun. From 1948 to 1969 17 new residences opened their doors.


The poet, Edmond HARAUCOURT also bequeathed a residence on the isle of Bréhat, off the coast of Brittany, which is still a holiday centre for students.
At the beginning of the 21st century, the International University in Paris acquired two residences outside its perimeter, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The
Lila Hall of Residence and then the Quai de la Loire hall of residence were the last to be opened in 2007.


These residences have housed more than 200,000 students in eighty years.


The development plan envisages that 10 new Residences will be constructed by 2020, giving accommodation for a further 1800 students. In other words, a 31% increase in capacity to accept students.



“The raison d’être of the Campus from the beginning has been to promote international mobility among students as a catalyst for the Universalist values of peace and solidarity.”
Marcel POCHARD, President.

The residents

Some 12,000 students, researchers, artists and athletes are accepted each year on the International University Campus in Paris.


The International University Campus in Paris admissions policy is based on academic excellence and a balanced distribution of various national cultures.


Priority is given to students enrolled for Master’s Degrees, doctorates and post-doctoral studies.


The majority of the residents (about 90 % of the total student body) accepted at the International University Campus in Paris come from abroad (75 %). 25% of the residents are of French nationality.
These students, from more than 140 nationalities, study for the most part the sciences, law and economics.


To make it easier for the students of different nationalities to become acquainted, up to 30 to 50% residents of one nationality admitted to one residence are then housed in all the Campus residences, allowing each residence to accept 20 to 30 different nationalities. This is the “melting pot”.
For example, each year the Fondation DEUTSCH DE LA MEURTHE accepts residents from 68 nationalities. The fact that 25% of the residents are French enables the students and researchers to become more familiar with France, her language and culture.


A residents’ committee is elected in each residence at the beginning of the university year. This represents the students in dealings with the administration and takes part in the communal life of the residence. The committee then designates two representatives to the Assemblée des Délégués des Comités de Résidents (Assembly of Delegates of Residents’ Committees, ADCR). These elected representatives will represent the residents on the administrative committee of the International Campus.
The ADCR’s task is to represent the residents’ views to the National Foundation, International University Campus in Paris on all issues to do with living on the International Campus.