Digital Campus

A priority project

One of the International Campus priority projects is the “Digital Campus” project, with the aim of developing a digital campus with a digital communications infrastructure. This is intended to respond to the students’ and researchers’ needs by offering them connection everywhere on the campus, access to digital resources and to allow them to be digital nomads.

The International University Campus in Paris already has a powerful Internet network and access to a digital library. But in order to respond to technological advances a global study on the future of the International Campus in the digital era has been launched: a preliminary study has clarified the objectives, the methods of implementation, the constraints, the calendar and the resources required to put the Digital Campus project into practice.

Considerable support

This whole study is benefiting from support from the Mazars Group and from the Caisse des dépôts et consignations. The creation of a student Centre has been examined particularly closely. This would involve connecting the current Library documentary resources to a range of innovative and complementary services, in particular areas for working in groups and connecting the catering areas to make campus life more agreeable.


The International Campus is also delighted to be associated with the American information technology giant, Microsoft in launching its Digital Campus programme.

As part of its programme of large scale donations of software for the general good of the community, Microsoft has offered to the International Campus a vast array of software at a cost of 780,257 $ (approximately 610,000 €).

These are more than 1,500 licences and updates which have been generously provided, such as ForeFront, SharePoint, Windows, for the future management of information technology projects intended for the employees and the residents.


The Fondation Crossknowledge, is offering a platform for residents, including e-learning. The commercial value of this patronage equates to 690,000 €, in instalments of 230,000 € per annum over 3 years. The International Campus and Crossknowledge are thus responding to all the challenges of developing skills in e-learning.


Finally, the International University Campus in Paris has a variety of digital platforms. Apart from its corporate website,, the International Campus offers, the site which presents the richness of life as a resident of the campus.

The International Campus is also present and very active on the social networks and has a page on Facebook, an account on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+