The birds of the Campus

The parklands of the International Campus have been discovered to be a real haven for various types of birds. Discover the birds of the Campus, from rare species such as the mistle thrush to common birds like the carrion crow.


Eurasian Sparrowhawk

This species nests in the Parc Montsouris and can often be seen hunting above the International Campus. Another bird of prey, the kestrel, regularly overflies the park.


Mistle thrush

Nested on the International Campus for the first time in 2010. This is only the second time that this species has reproduced within central Paris. Three other species of thrush also nest on the Campus: the fieldfare, the redwing and the song thrush.


Tree sparrow

This is a rare species, whose population is in decline throughout France. The International Campus is the only area where the species reproduces in Paris and there are only a few pairs. Its cousin, the house sparrow is to be seen everywhere on the Campus.


Rose-ringed parakeet

Nesting in the Parc Montsouris, this bird comes to feed on the International Campus, especially on the buds and the fruits of the trees. Ornithologists think that this domestic species was released some years ago and that it has reproduced around the International Campus.


Collared dove


Like other species, this bird sometimes visits the International Campus. It is one of the rare visitors, like the pied flycatcher, the fieldfare and the great spotted woodpecker. These birds are timid and difficult to observe.




The magpie is one of the so-called “common” birds, like the house sparrow, the blackbird, the rock pigeon and the carrion crow, which visit the International Campus all year round.


The photos above were taken by Yves GESTRAUD, who carried out a preliminary observation in the area. The Park Management team, who care for the International Campus, try to maintain the best possible environment for these feathered residents.