The early high-quality planning

The International Campus is located in the south of Paris, following the length of the grand boulevards, on the site of the last military fortifications for Paris. These fortifications were constructed in 1845. At the end of the 20th century, the local authority wanted to transform them into a “green belt”. The International Campus was one of the first land management organisations to become involved in this urban renewal. From the outset, the intention was to landscape a park on the site, between two areas of construction. The landscaping project was conceived by two landscape gardeners, FORESTIER and AZEMA. The very fine quality of the landscaping gives the site with its characteristic diversity of architecture a deep sense of harmony.

Worth knowing
It was not possible to lay out the park until the last inhabitants had left the Area, in 1934. Landscaping work therefore began at the time when the first residences of the International Campus were rising out of the ground.


Renewed youth

Weather, the passage of many feet and pollution finally caused the park to deteriorate. At the beginning of the 2000’s the International Campus decided to restore its external surroundings and to bring them back to their original state. The overall project, the work of the landscape gardeners, REICHEN and ROBERT, was designed to carry on the work of the initial project. A hundred or so trees have been felled to make the park’s natural lines more visible and to open up the views. The felling programme was followed by a plan to replant trees over two years.

Worth knowing
The pedestrian walkways have been refurbished, benches, street lighting and drinking water fountains have been installed, a cycle park has been constructed and access for persons with reduced mobility has been improved. The restoration work has given the opportunity to improve the quality of the environment in the park.