Eco-Campus Park

The grounds of the International Campus extend over some 34 hectares, making this one of the largest parks in Paris in terms of area and architectural heritage.


At the beginning of the 2000’s the International Campus decided to restore its external surroundings and to bring them back to their original state.

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An Eco Campus

For several years the International Campus has been managed in accordance with the demands of sustainable development. For this park this has meant the opening of various work sites.

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Visites guidées

L/OBLIQUE, le centre de valorisation du patrimoine de la Cité internationale, vous invite à venir découvrir le parc paysager de la Cité internationale au cours d’une visite qui vous permettra de voyager autrement dans la ceinture verte parisienne.

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The birds of the Campus

The parklands of the International Campus have been discovered to be a real haven for various types of birds.

Discover the birds of the Campus, from rare species such as the mistle thrush to common birds like the carrion crow. 

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