Help with finding an accommodation

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Application for accommodation in Cité internationale

To apply for accommodation in Cité internationale, fill out this online form => here. All the information about housing in Cité internationale is here: FAQ (will answer almost all your questions!) – prices – conditions.

Various possibilities of accommodation outside the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, whether you are a student or researcher

Student hostels, university halls of residence, accommodation in private homes, apartments, studio apartments, flat-sharing, rooms in return for services. The possibilities for accommodation are varied, but the number of those seeking accommodation is always greater than the number of offers available. Think about making enquiries in advance, making contact with as many persons and agencies as possible and be patient, for finding accommodation in the Paris region is not easy!

To receive information that will help you find accommodation outside the Cité internationale, contact acc&ss Paris Centre here.

If you are a researcher, this guide provides the answers to your main questions on how to find accommodation in France: “HOUSING GUIDE FOR VISITING RESEARCHERS: Keys to better understanding French rental rules“.
This document was produced in 2011 by acc&ss Science Accueil, a member of the acc&ss Paris Ile-de-France, and Euraxess France network.

Usefull informations

Average price for a room in a student hall: 400-500 €
Average price for a room in a shared flat: 500-700 €
Average price of a studio apartment: 600-800 €
Average price of a 2-room apartment: 900-1200 €