Since its creation, the Cité internationale has welcomed several generations of young talent who have become great intellectual figures. Today it is a place of life for youth engaged in building a new world and continues to be a place for debates where you can reflect on solutions to the big questions of our time.


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Intellectual and cultural abundance

L'Université de la paix: creating debate on the major issues of the contemporary world

A week of debates on the major challenges to peace. An opportunity for the 12,000 or so residents living on campus and the general public to debate in the presence of researchers and personalities.

Women in the World conferences and events

From the “gender issue” to the controversies surrounding the “veil” and its avatars, the commitment of women and, more broadly, their roles in contemporary societies, give rise to passionate debate. With its international roots, the Cité internationale is offering a series of conferences and cultural events on the theme of Women in the World.

The Researchers’ Club

The multidisciplinary and international Researchers’ Club is part of the policy of welcoming researchers in scientific mobility. A series of debates, a cultural programme and thematic meetings enable French and international post-doctoral researchers living or working in the Île-de-France region to meet and exchange ideas.


Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, Foujita, Le Phô… the Cité internationale has always been a place of creative experimentation for creative spirits. It has a diversity of unique styles in many artistic domains: architecture, design, painting etc. Following on from this artistic tradition, it now encourages creation and art on campus.

Art and creation are at the heart of the campus

The Centre National Edition Art Image has moved to the Cité internationale

Cneai =, Centre National Edition Art Image, has moved to the heart of the Cité internationale. Housed in the Maison internationale, it will create collaborative artistic programmes with the houses, residents, services and associations of the campus. To inaugurate its new spaces, the cneai = organised the exhibition “La Cité sous le ciel”…

Les Jardins du Monde in motion: ephemeral landscape installations

Since 2017, the Cité internationale has been organising the ” Jardins du Monde en mouvement ” competition and festival, with the sponsorship support of the Caisse des Dépôts. This competition is aimed at young talents: architects, urban planners or landscape architects, graduates or enrolled in an institution providing one of these courses and with a maximum of ten years’ experience.

The Cité internationale Theatre

The programming of the Théâtre de la Cité internationale gives an important place to young creation. The Prémisses production office, which is attached to the theatre, supports emerging artistic teams; meetings and debates compare the invention of artistic forms with the perception of the transformations of the world…


In order to allow residents to realise their artistic, cultural, citizen or even sportive projects, the Cité internationale puts out a call twice a year for projects to support resident initiatives. It allows selected projects to benefit from financial aid from the Residents’ Initiative Fund. The projects can be on various themes such as peace, sport, digitalisation, culture, citizenship, the environment and solidarity. They must involve several houses on campus and encourage residents to meet and have exchanges.


Thanks to its 43 houses, the Cité internationale offers rich cultural and artistic programmes as well as debates about the big issues facing the modern world: concerts, screenings, conferences, exhibitions, performances… Discover them in our Citéscope cultural agenda.