Trang, Master Île-de-France grant holder from Vietnam



Can you tell us about you? 

I’m Trang from Vietnam, I’m 24 years old and I’ve lived in Berlin, Germany for five years before coming to France. I’ve finished my bachelor’s degree in business computing in Berlin and also gained some work experiences there. I like to go out with friends, travel, read or listen to music in my leisure time.

How come you chose to come and study in Paris?

I came to France for my master 1 at the ESCP Europe Paris Campus. My master in management program is a double degree one that requires one year in France and one in Germany so I decided to spend my first year on France, and of course also because of the scholarship I received. I heard and applied for the Master Île-de-France scholarship via my university. The application process and information exchange are done via email with the help of the university’s student office. ESCP Europe is a well-known European business school and Paris campus is the main campus of my school with plenty of interesting subjects and other services, that’s why I chose to spend one year here. Moreover, Paris is a very beautiful city I’ve always wanted to visit before and now I’m even given the chance to live here so I’m really happy that I finally fulfill my own dream. In France, I hope to have a good result of my study but furthermore, I also want to enjoy the city, meeting new friends all over the world, because I live and study in an international environment.

About France…

The old architecture and lifestyle surprised me the most. Sometimes I feel like being in Vietnam because of many similarities in the architecture and the lifestyle which is the result of many years of French domination in our country. I was also surprised to manage to get an internship since it’s almost impossible to find a good one without knowing French and the duration is often 6 months that are actually not always optimal for exchange students or students in general who only have 3 months of summer vacation.

About your stay in Cité internationale…

The house -Deutsch de la Meurthe Foundation- and my room are very different from other student residences I’ve experienced before. They have beautiful view, old but nice architecture. The Cité internationale has plenty of services that helps me better get around with life such as postal service, sport and many cultural and leisure events where I can get to know other residents and exchange experience of living in France. I’ve met many people from different countries, for instance Germany, Russia, India, France and Vietnam, at my university as well as at the Cité internationale. Paris is not really a welcoming city because people only speak French and it’s hard for foreigners to live and find an internship here without speaking French, but it’s still a multicultural city that provides foreigners many opportunities to integrate so getting around with life is then easier.I also benefited from the International Student Welcome Service in Cité internationale. I went to the OFII and CAF desks and they’re very friendly and helpful. Everything was done just in a while without any problems these services are very important to new foreign students to integrate more easily in the daily life in France.

Partenaire de la Région sur ce dispositif de bourses, la Cité internationale réserve à ces étudiants boursiers des chambres au sein de la Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe et les accompagne tout au long de leur séjour via les services proposés par acc&ss Paris Centre.