Fondation AVICENNE

This building, which at present does not accommodate any residents, houses the Campus Heritage Centre:loblique ciup

Opening times

Every day (except on Monday), from 2pm to 6pm


5, boulevard JOURDAN
75014 Paris
Tel. : +33 (0)1 40 78 50 06

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Applying for housing

Every year the International Campus receives very many requests for admission from students, researchers and artists. Before applying, find out about the conditions, which you will have to fulfil.

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The Residence

The erosion of the materials used to build the Fondation AVICENNE, together with the development of statutory controls and the pressure of use have forced us to close this residence.

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  • History

    The Avicenne Foundation, formerly Iran House, was the last residence to be built in the Cité internationale at the tail-end of the wave of construction that followed the Second World War. It opened its doors in 1969.

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The Frequently Asked Questions section provides the answers to most of the questions a future resident might ask.


– How can I apply for accommodation on the Campus?
– What costs can I expect?
– What facilities do the Residences offer?


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  • Cultural Events

    Find on Citescope cultural and festive events organized by
    House and all the current programming in Cité internationale.

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