Organising events

At the heart of the International Campus, the Maison Internationale offers a variety of types of professional events: conferences, seminars, receptions etc. This multi-cultural space is accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

A setting steeped in history

Built in the 1930’s thanks to the patronage of John D. ROCKEFELLER Jr, the Maison Internationale was conceived as a place where students of all nationalities could meet. Its style, inspired by the Château de Fontainebleau, gives it a monumental air. Inside, some of the lounges are in Art Deco style.

Salons with charm

The Maison Internationale has rooms of various dimensions, capable of receiving between 20 and 500 persons. Each salon is in full daylight and some, such as the salon HONNORAT, have a view across the park.
For conferences needing a large number of rooms, the residences in close proximity to the Maison Internationale offer extra rooms.
These areas are supplemented by the 3 auditoriums of the International Campus Theatre, which can be made available, depending on the programme.

Technology and services

The technical services are undertaken on request by service providers of repute: audio, video, simultaneous interpreting. Other services are also available: security guards, cloakroom attendants and receptionists, WI-FI access.


The Maison Internationale caterer offers various services: coffee break, buffet, cocktails, meal served at table etc.

A formula to suit everyone
Lunch can be served on the Terrace, in the Theatre bar or in the different lounges. 

Participants in all events may use the University Restaurant (400 places) and a cafeteria.