Safety advice at Cité internationale

Following these precautions will enable you to have an uneventful stay and time abroad.


Theft or assault: what should you do?

  • If you are the victim of a theft or aggression, you should go to the nearest police station (the “commissariat”) to file a complaint. If a mugger ties to snatch your bag, don’t fight back as you run the risk of being injured. If you have the impression that you are being followed, then take refuge in a shop or a public place and have someone call the police.
  • You should also report the incident to the central security unit (known as the poste centrale) at 27 boulevard Jourdan (vehicle entrance) 

TÉL : 01 44 16 66 00.

In the grounds

  • Wear suitable clothing out of respect for others.
  • Avoid walking in unlit or poorly lit areas at night.
  • Do not forget that the consumption of strong alcohol is strictly forbidden.

In your house

  • When you go back to your lodgings or you leave, always make sure that the outside doors are properly shut behind you and never let any unknown person enter at the same time as you.
  • Always close your bedroom door and shut your windows, even if you are only absent for a few minutes, and this is especially important if your room is situated on the ground floor. Never block the door “open” with an object if the rooms are equipped with electronic closing systems.
  • If you wish to invite a guest, you must request authorization from the reception desk of your House (see Particular House Regulations). All residents are liable for the people they invite and must ensure that their guests abide by the regulations in effect at the Cité internationale.

Fire prevention

  • In the kitchen, do not leave the food that you are preparing unattended.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, use of hobs for cooking : rice cookers or any other electrical cooking appliance in your study bedroom. Each house has designated areas for cooking and heating up meals.
  • The installation of incompliant or high energy electrical appliances is forbidden.
  • The use of several multi-plugs / adaptors on top of each other can constitute a real danger and may start a fire.
  • Fire extinguishers are safety devices that must be operational in the event of a fire: respect them so that everyone can stay safe.


The Cité internationale has historic monument status and must respect the relevant rules for this type of site so as to not lose any of its charm.

  • Nothing must be hung outside from the windows.
  • For safety reasons, nothing should be placed on the window sills and you should not throw rubbish out of the windows (cigarette butts and cans, for example).
  • It is forbidden to sit on the window sills.

Protecting yourself from at-risk behaviour

Extreme alcohol and drug consumption may also lead to sanctions being taken against you either by the head of your house (expulsion) or by the police.