How to take an active part in Cité internationale

All residents are invited to participate and take an active part in Cité internationale life through Residents’ Committees, clubs and associations, and cultural activities.


Participate in the coordination of house

At the beginning of the academic year, each residence organises elections to form a Residents’ Committee that will take part in the house’s social and cultural life. Two representatives are then appointed from each house to join the Assembly of Delegates of the Residents’ Committees which meets every month with the Director of the General Delegation. Two members will be elected in the month of October to sit on the Cité internationale’s Board of Administration.
To find out more : ask for more information at the reception desk of your house.


Laura Sanchez, a committed resident

« As a member of the Resident’s Committee at the Maison du Mexique, I am concerned more specifically with sports and health. During the Campus Festival I was able to share my experience of choreography and my passion for dancing. On the Campus you get the chance to organise very rewarding projects!” »

Getting involved in association life

The Alliance Internationale is an association of former residents and friends of Cité internationale. It has a broad range of activities: meetings between former residents, proofreading theses written in French, advice on entering the professional world, Alliance Breakfasts, conference with renowned guest speakers: free for residents!

For Peace

The founders of Cité internationale wanted to help build a peaceful world. These, still topical, values are at the heart of our many cultural events which are grouped together under the banner Cité internationale For Peace (Cité pour la paix).

Working for a sustainable Cité

Cité internationale has integrated sustainable development issues into the heart of its policies. Several measures have been implemented since the signing of the CitéDurable charter:
Π The park has adopted environmentally-friendly practices through an eco-aware style of management.

Π Appliances and fittings (boilers, radiators, lighting, etc.) have been improved in order to reduce energy consumption, and buildings have been renovated to include sustainable development components.

Π Improved waste management systems have been set up for exemplary recycling (packaging, glass, batteries, etc.). :

Ways in which you can participate

A Sustainable Development representative is elected within the Residents’ Committee in each house. You can play an important role by informing other residents and involving them in environmentally-friendly initiatives. For waste sorting, read the instructions relating to your house and find out more information from your Committee representative.
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