Honey extraction at the University Restaurant


by Claire Jeannet

Did you know that ? 300,000 bees work hard around the park of the Cité internationale, in six bee hives located near by the Maison Internationale.  Their “honey factory” already produced 90kg of golden treasure on the first crop. 


A second crop will take place next Thrusday, and the extraction phase will be set up at the University Restaurant. 


Honey extraction consist of removing honey from frames (pict.2). You need to cut off the wax caps from the honeycomb and use a honey extractor allowing to remove the honey from the comb by centifugal force (pict. 3 and 4). 


The harvest will then be stored until it is filtered and put into jars. 


Let’s meet at the University Restaurant on Thursday at 12.30 so that you can watch and even take part to the extraction process with us. 


The Cité internationale apiary project is supported by Veolia Environnement.