A truly unique site


A visionary project under development

Cité internationale comprises 40 residences and each year it welcomes 12,000 students and researchers from more than 130 nationalities. A private law foundation recognised as being in the public interest, its residences are owned by the Universities of Paris. Soon 10 new residences will be built on the site, bringing the Campus into the third phase of its history.
Further information: Saison 3

A Foundation born and sustained by patronage

Cité internationale was born of the generosity of individuals. Still today the descendants of the founding patrons, as well as enterprises, foundations and individuals support the Campus projects for renovating the buildings, providing better facilities on the Campus and financing prevention initiatives and solidarity campaigns. The former and future residents are invited to participate in this momentum which has already made it possible to turn several projects into reality and to perpetuate the ideals of the Campus.

L/OBLIQUE: on the trail of the Campus heritage!

L/OBLIQUE is an exhibition space dedicated to the past, present and future of the Cité internationale. Indoors there are many facilities: a time-line, a projection area and innovative digital devices show you the different facets of the history of the management of the site and its creation to the present day. L/OBLIQUE is also a place for exchanges and relaxation, where you will find a giant chess set and deck chairs for use in the grounds!